5 Best Italian Restaurants to Visit in New York

People in New York City widely enjoy Italian cuisine. Other than in Italy, New York City follows second in its popularity for Italian restaurants. That means that there are scores of places to choose from if you intend to have Italian food. Here are five of the best, which stand out for their delicious food, great customer service, and excellent ambiance.

1. Carbone

Located in Greenwich Village, Carbone is a spectacle to behold. With waiters in maroon tuxedoes, they are always on the wait for clients, whom they serve in a manner close enough to a performance. Their delicacies include their special tableside Caesar salad, the massive veal Parmesan, and the garlic covered pasta. The restaurant provides an awesome ambiance, great for special dates and birthday dinners. They can justify the nutrients found in green vegetables.

2. Lilia

Missy Robins, a renowned chef and the owner of Lilia, set camp in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, strategically in an area with lots of people. The place draws the attention of crowds not only for the fact that it is easily accessible but also for its vegetable, seafood, and pasta delicacies. You will be spoilt for choice since the options are just too many, and they are all incredible. Some of these delicacies include the famous mafaldine with peppercorns, cacio e pepe fritters, crudités with an unbelievable anchovy dipping sauce, and cured sardines with capers.

3. Babbo Ristorante Enoteca

Babbo Ristorante Enoteca was launched in 1998, being the best Italian restaurant at that time. The restaurant still maintains its standards, and the fine dining alongside a rock and roll tune makes the experience worthwhile. It has the widest range of wines, with up to 2000 bottles on its list. A great bartender at your service helps you make the right choice of drink. Their pasta menu is worth every coin, from amazing recipes such as the black tagliatelle and the pappardelle Bolognese.

4. Del Posto

The definition of fine dining is well represented at the Del Posto. Elegance and class are what this spot emanates, by the majestic story dining area dawned by handmade Italian leather chairs and crystal bowls with lit candles inside as the centerpieces. It only caters for menu tasting with a wide range of vegetarian options.

5. I Sodi

It is mostly a local’s joint. The space is quite tidy, with white tablecloths, extremely comfortable seats and barstools, and a leather banquette along one wall. Their prices are not too pocket-friendly, but the negronis, whole fish, and lasagna are worth every dollar.